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HIGHLIGHTS of Wine Tours in the

If you are a wine tourist who wants a compact wine region that is not crammed full of tourists, and has a vast range of attractions, interesting countryside with forests and walks, historical wine and hilltop villages, market towns, great markets and so much more; then the Beaujolais wine region will appeal to you.

Temptations of Beaujolais - patisseries

The French love sweet things and never more so than in the Patisserie where you will find mouth-watering displays of the skills of the patissier. Even town and village in Beaujolais have both boulangeries (bakeries) and patisseries where you will find regional specialities. Daily shopping for patisseries is certainly an enjoyable highlight!

river tarn

Market Days

Market day in the local village is very much a social occasion as well as a time to stock up on supplies. Villages such le Bois d'Oingt are traditional market towns with the town square laid out to accommodate vendors of everything from clothing to household equipment with a strong emphasis on foodstuffs. Here Anne is busily checking out the stall with the best tomatoes. When visiting Beaujolais do check on what are the local market days as they are very much part of the wine and food tour experience.

Gaillac walking

Village Life

The French certainly know how to celebrate and occasions like Bastille Day are times of great celebrations where the whole village turns out for the fun. For the wine tourist vintage celebrations are unique experiences. Beaujolais has a number of these wine festivals and typical is the Fete du Paradis that is held in October in the Brouilly appellation in the village of Odenas. Here you can join the locals for a celebration with food, wine and entertainment.
Gaillac town

Walking and cycling

The stunning surrounding countryside is excellent for walking, rambling, cycling and even running! The vineyards which are open for all to wander through, and /or cycle through along easy paths. You can take in the countryside, enjoy the fresh outdoor and maybe linger for an hour or two in a village cafe, or picnic on the excellent region foods and wines so readily available from local shops. There are forests where you are free to wander so the potential for walking, picnics, horse riding and cycling is endless.

Saint Cecile cathedral

Eating out on your wine tour

A morning spent tasting wines, clambering over ruins, tramping round vineyards, peering into churches can all work up a hearty appetite. Beaujolais has numerous delightful restaurants/cafes where you can enjoy a courtyard meal and wash it down with a Beaujolais rouge wine.


Beaujolais Architecture

Churches, abbeys, chateaux and ruins Beaujolais has them in abundance. Usually crafted in the golden honey stone of the region. Walled chateaux with the homes of the vineyard workers within the security of solid stone walls, as in the heading photograph, can be found throughout the region and are a delight to visit.

Toulouse-Lautrec museum

The pigeoneer on the right is just one of a number of unique structures that were used to collect pigeon eggs. Today they are fine architectural designs. Roadside religious statues and crosses look out over vineyards.

a Gaillac/Tarn architecture a Gaillac/Tarn architecture

hilltop village hilltop village

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