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Wine & Food Tours of the BEAUJOLAIS Region France


BEAJOLAIS home of Beaujolais Nouveaux and a whole lot more!

BEAUJOLAIS - part of the Burgundy wine region? Not really as this the home of the grape banned from Burgundy, the fruity Gamay. Part of the Rhone wine region? Never! Beaujolais would never make a wine from 15 different grapes! No, this a wine region of different terroir, climate and wine styles.

So come and discover what makes Beaujolais different!

wine region map

The region - BEAUJOLAIS - the home of Gamay grapes


Beaujolais wine region lies on the 49th. Parallel between Burgundy and Rhone wine regions with comprising 95 communes, 11 in the Saone-et-Loire and 85 in the Rhone department.

The Sane river forms the eastern border while to the west the mountains for the Central Massif make for a semi-continental climate. The vineyards are situated at an average altitude of 300 metres and comprise 22,600 hectares in 61,000 parcels making 3600 vineyards of round an average size of 7 hectares.

Beaujolais is one of the older French vineyards with the first vines being planted in Roman times. Today it consists of 12 appellations that split into 3 groups viz. Le Beaujolais, Beaujolais Villages and Les Cru consisting of 10 separate appellations.

The region has widely differing terroir with a range of soil conditions from sand and clay to limestone and granite, different aspects and elevations, and varying climate conditions. This difference, coupled with the fact that 90% of the production is from the Gamay grape grown under prescribed cultivation methods, gives rise to an exciting range of wines with unique characteristics of the terroir.

While the focus is on red wine from the Gamay grape the region does produce its world famous premier, Beaujolais Nouveaux , rose, and from Chardonnay Beaujolais Blanc and sparkling Blanc de Blancs.

What makes this a great area for wine and food lovers?

The Beaujolais wine region has many restaurants and inns offering local delicacies that will make your mouth water! The variety and quality of the region's produce is amazing and exciting: goats cheeses, farmhouse charcuterie and many different sausages. Beside this you have the traditional Lyonnais cuisine. Add Charolais beef, pork and game and you have a meat lovers paradise and a wonderful match for the meaty Gamay wines.

The gastronomic excellence of the region is unquestionable, and regardless of where you dine, you will taste wonderful dishes and drink local Beaujolais wines.

For more temptations Beaujolais FOOD & CUISINE ..

Beaujolais food

Beaujolais village view


Culture Beaujolais people have both Latin and Gallic origins that contribute to a colourful culture of local festivals and fetes.

Food - a gourmand experience.

Natural beauty - discover and enjoy its valleys, vineyards and forests. A mountain-biking paradise.

History - explore chateaus, museums, churches and cathedrals.

Wine villages - eat and drink with vineyard workers and lovers of wine.

Wine tasting - explore the numerous winemakers cellars and caves

So many expressions of just one grape - GAMAY!

Come and discover just what makes Beaujolais a unique wine region of France. Live your emotions to the full!

Beaujolas Red


Need help in planning your wine and food tour of Beaujolais?

Anne and Kerry are available to assist you in getting the wine and food tour that you want. Send your request including details of your name, travel dates & time available with any special interests and we will send you FREE ADVISE on recommended tours


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