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Food & Cuisine

Salade Quercynoise
The food of the Cahors is typical of Central France being hearty and generous and makes full use of the great variety of local produce farmed and grown here. Good soups, garlic, walnut oil, truffles, wild mushrooms and chestnuts and an abundance of vegetables form the basis of many dishes together with goose, duck and chicken fed on maize and corn, and lamb roasts and casseroles.

French farmhouse cooking is a speciality of the Cahors region with the cuisine based on local tradition and local products.

About the Food of CAHORS

foie gras sign When eating our be sure to try the local Foie Gras dishes such as Foie gras mi-cuit et confit de figue maison or Foie gras poélé or enjoy it in the regional speciality, Salade Quercynoise, a dish that embraces smoked duck breasts, goose livers and gizzards, with a foie gras sauce and crisp lettuce. A must try is the local charcuterie in your mind and in your mouth - the air-dried sausages and hams. Enjoy Saucisson sec de chevreil , air-dried salami of venison. Goose confit appears in dishes such as Cassoulet au confit de canard et de saucisse de Toulouse . While beef stews such Daube de boeuf bring together aromas of beef, wine, herbs, pork and the fragrance of oranges. Chicken is an important feature of Cahors cooking with traditional dishes such as Poulet Chasseur and Coq au vin with that blend of chicken, herbs and wine.

clafoutis aux cerises

Dessert lovers are well catered for with French batter styled dishes of clafoutis aux cerises , luscious cherries baked in egg batter and served with cream.

Out and about in Cahors

The below selection reflects wine tour days of local delights, picnics, restaurant meals and dining at home.


Asperges en vinaigrette
(Asparagus with vinaigrette)

Plump green-stalked asparagus with a vinaigrette of vinegar, olive oil, chives, shallots and a dash of anisette liqueur - a seasonal delight.

Asperges en vinaigrette
Tatin de foie de canard avec les pommes
(Tatin of duck liver with apples)

A combination of de foie gras and tangy apples with a balsamic vinegar and meat stock sauce. A great starter course or luncheon dish.

Tatin de foie de canard avec les pommes
Marget de canard avec les poires
(Mallard duck breasts with poached pears)

Mallard duck breasted that have been seared in butter, sliced and served rare with pears marinated in Cahors red wine

Marget de canard avec les poires
La figue et le Fromage de chèvre terrine
(Fig and Goat cheese terrine)

Layers of fresh goat's cheese with dried figs and topped with fresh figs and a dash of Pastis liqueur

La figue et le Fromage de chèvre terrine

Regional Specialties

Pastis du Quercy
(apple tart)

Pastis du Quercy<BR>(apple tart)

A puff or sweet short crust pastry apple tart with a sprinkling or local marc - very different and available in pastisseries.

Porc aux Pruneau
(Pork with prunes)

Porc aux Pruneau<BR>(Pork with prunes)

Select pork loin chops grilled and served with agen prunes and Reine des Reinettes apples, and a dash of cognac or Armagnac

Noix et Tarte de Miel (Walnut and Honey Tart)

A very typical dessert from the central region of France with delightful tastes of walnut and honey.

Serve 4

200 g walnut kernels
50 g honey
125 g caster sugar
125 ml single cream
1 sheet sweet short pastry


  1. Preheat oven to 180ºC.

  2. Put the sugar into a fairly large saucepan. Place over high heat and stir from time to time till it caramelises. Cook until a brown caramel has formed.

  3. Off the heat, stir in the cream and honey to make a smooth mixture. Add the chopped walnut kernels.

  4. Line a 250 mm loose-bottom flan dish with the pastry. Prick base and blind bake at 180ºC for 10 minutes. Pour on the filling.

  5. Bake tart at 180 degrees for 20 minutes, remove for oven and allow to stand for 5 minutes. Release sides, Push up and remove metal base. Place serving plate.

To serve:
Serve warm either plain or with cream or ice cream.

Reine de Reinettes Noix et Tarte de Miel (Walnut and Honey Tart) Tarte Tatin served

Chef’s tips

  1. Use the best fresh walnuts.

  2. The secret is to caramelise the sugar - not burnt!

  3. If desired the filling can be covered with a pastry top.

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