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Wine tour France

French cuisine & food in the wine regions holds a special fascination for us. The markets, the local shops, the roadside stalls or the supermarkets, the cafes, the truck and motorway stops, the restaurants - all seem to say, "This is France."

Be it in market collecting confiture (jam) or miel (honey) or flowers for the table; the boucherie getting meat or a charcuterie getting saucisson (sausages) in hundreds of different forms, or cheese from a fromagerie; or a hundred and one other products from the supermarket; we hope that you experience the pleasure and joy that we get from our food and cuisine adventures in FRANCE!


What could be more French than collecting the daily bread?

In every village people perform that daily ritual of going to the boulangerie for a baguette and maybe a croissant, and if you are particularly indulgent, a Pain au chocolat, a flat “croissant” filled with chocolate!


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At the Boulangerie

When buying bread you will be confronted with any amassing array of choice, and often a queue behind you so a quick primmer.

Baguette - the standard long crispy French loaf - 250 g.
Ficelle - thin breadstick like version of a baguette - 200 g
Flute - a heavier version of a baguette - 350 g
Pain - a wider, softer version of a baguette - 400 g


At the Patisserie

I you cannot resist window displays of mouth-watering sweet things, then avoid the French patisseries. The French love sweet things and will eat desserts at the end of both lunch and dinner and often in the afternoon. Be prepared to be tempted by such delights as Beignet (a doughnut filled with confiture) Tart aux Fruits (the most popular French fruit tart) or Florentines (a cookie topped with glazed fruit and chocolate)

The only solution is to give in and try them all!


At the Charcuterie

Vegetarians BEWARE!!

But if you crave for sausages of every type, blood puddings, hams, bacon and other cured and salted meats that are made only from pork then head for a Charcuterie or French butcher. There you will find pork products in abundance, plus other meats made from beef, veal, chicken, duck and goose.

Shown a selection of sausages in a Bordeaux market.


At the Fromagerie

French Fromage has a special place in the nation's life and is evident in the vast range of over 500 different cheeses produced. The wine and food tourist should take advantages of tasting opportunities offered by the Fromagers (cheese merchants) in the markets. French Fromage is made for both cows, goat's or ewe's milk and processed in a variety of regional methods - some cheeses have regional AOC status like wines.

The Farmers market in Coustellet in Provence

At the Market

We know that the rest of world is trying to catch up with France when it comes to Farmer Markets but the French still have the edge on the rest. The sights, sounds, smells and above all the quality and variety are outstanding.

And the further south you go the warmer the and sunnier the weather, the better the open-air markets are. Shown is the Farmers market in Coustellet in Provence.

At the Supermarket

At the Supermarket

The French are masters at produce displays.

In the markets and in the supermarkets you will see beautifully arranged fruit and vegetables. Extensive and an almost endless selection of dairy produce such as yogurt and cheeses by the kilometres! The fish display cabinets are a joy in selection and quality.

A Picnic in France

The Picnic

With the sun out, a couple of wineries visited what better way to enjoy lunch that to spread out the blanket and open the picnic hamper.

A baguette, lettuce, tomatoes, pate (several types), Dijon mustard, olives, apples, a bottle of Rose and a thermos of coffee. Bon appetite!

And after consumption, a sleep in the shade!

In Town

The French have perfected the long slow lunch. So with friends in the sun, or at a harbourside café, you can enjoy the regional specialties prepared with loving care and style.

Exploring Regional Food & Cuisine

While staples maybe nationwide, the regional wine areas have corresponding regional dishes. Exploring the food and cuisine can be almost as much fun as the wine tour. In france Food and Wine go hand in hand.

In the wine region section of the website you will find a page devoted to REGIONAL CUISINE - Bon appétit!!

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