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HIGHLIGHTS of Wine Tours in the

While savouring Rhone wines and the cuisine, do reflect on the fact that the Greeks and Romans brought more to the Rhone Valley than just grapes and wine. They created buildings and structures that have become world icons that are now protected for the enjoyment of today's and future generations.


Point du Gard

pont du gard A world Heritage site it is a good reason to base your wine tour in the south Rhone wine region. In terms of technical skill by the Roman Empire it ranks with the pyramids of Egypt. Started in AD 38 it was completed in 14 years by 1000 men - today it would be a construction achievement! So a "MUST SEE" experience. pont du gard view

Rhone River

The Rhone River created the land and still dominates the region. It brought the Phocaean invaders who planted vines on this land over 2600 years ago and is still an important waterway. By the time the Rhone reaches Avignon it is a wide navigable waterway with cruise boats. A number of options are available from a short 45 minute trip to dine and dance cruises.

rhone river

Wine Villages

The wellspring of the Rhone wine region are the villages. Clinging to side of hills or sprawling across the valley floors and represent what is the historical heart of the region. Here winemakers and their families have tilled the land and nurtured the grapes to produce that special Rhone wine character. Visit them, enjoy a meal and taste their special wines.

gigondas village

Orange - Theatre Antique

At Orange is one of the greatest theatres of the Roman Empire and it is a marvel that it is still intact and largely original. You can walk into the open-air theatre and imagine that you are one of 10,000 spectators that it could have seated.Worth the trip!

Orange - Theatre Antique


The old town of Avignon is a definite whole day visit. A good parking for a tourist top spot and a great compact old town for walking. There is so much to see and the entry prices are very reasonable. Heaps of reasonably priced places for coffee and/or lunch. avignon square

Pont d'Avignon

Apparently Saint-Benezet had a vision to build a bridge across the Rhone at Avignon in the 12 century. While not a bridge-builder, Saint-Benezet was a great fund raiser and a mighty 27 span bridge was constructed across both arms of the Rhone.Worth the 5 for the experience! Pont d'Avignon

The Place of the Popes

avignon church Constructed in 14 century it was for 350 years the seat of the Christian world during a period of great religious turmoil. Another great visit. Place of the Popes

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